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csLightingPolyTexQueue Struct Reference

This is user-data for iFrustumView for the lighting process. More...

#include <polytext.h>

Inheritance diagram for csLightingPolyTexQueue:

iLightingProcessInfo iFrustumViewUserdata iBase List of all members.

Public Methods

 csLightingPolyTexQueue (csLight *light, bool dynamic, bool gouraud_only)
virtual ~csLightingPolyTexQueue ()
csLightGetCsLight () const
 Get the light.

virtual iLightGetLight () const
 Get the light.

virtual bool GetGouraudOnly () const
 Get gouraud only state.

virtual bool IsDynamic () const
 Return true if dynamic.

virtual void SetColor (const csColor &col)
 Set the current color.

virtual const csColorGetColor () const
 Get the current color.

void AddPolyTexture (csPolyTexture *pt)
 Add a csPolyTexture to the queue. More...

void UpdateMaps (csLight *light, const csVector3 &lightpos, const csColor &lightcolor)
 Update all lightmaps or shadowmaps mentioned in the queue.

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

This is user-data for iFrustumView for the lighting process.

It represents a queue holding references to csPolyTexture for all polygons that were hit by a light during the lighting process.

Member Function Documentation

void csLightingPolyTexQueue::AddPolyTexture ( csPolyTexture * pt )

Add a csPolyTexture to the queue.

Only call this when the polytexture is not already there! A csPolyTexture should be added to the queue when it gets a shadow_bitmap.

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