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G3DTriangleMesh Struct Reference

Structure containing all info needed by DrawTriangeMesh. More...

#include <graph3d.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  { MAX_VERTEXPOOL = 2 }
 Type of vertices supplied. More...

Public Attributes

int num_vertices_pool
 Number of vertex sets, if > 1, morphing will be applied.

int num_triangles
 Number of triangles.

 Pointer to array of triangles.

int clip_portal
 Clip to portal? One of CS_CLIP_???.

int clip_plane
 Clip to near plane? One of CS_CLIP_???.

int clip_z_plane
 Clip to z plane? One of CS_CLIP_???.

bool use_vertex_color
 Use precalculated vertex color?

bool do_fog
 Apply fogging?

bool do_mirror
 Consider triangle vertices in anti-clockwise order if true.

bool do_morph_texels
 If morphing is applied then morph texels too if true.

bool do_morph_colors
 If morphing is applied then morph vertex colors too if true.

enum G3DTriangleMesh:: { ... }  vertex_mode
 Type of vertices supplied.

uint mixmode
 DrawPolygonFX flag.

float morph_factor
iVertexBufferbuffers [MAX_VERTEXPOOL]
 Vertex buffers. More...

 Information for fogging the vertices.

Detailed Description

Structure containing all info needed by DrawTriangeMesh.

This function is capable of:

  • Object2camera transformation and perspective.
  • Linear interpolation between two sets of vertices.
  • Clipping.
  • Whatever else DrawPolygonFX can do.
To disable the use of one of the components, set it to NULL.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Enumeration values:
MAX_VERTEXPOOL   Maximum number of vertex pool, used for vertex weighting/morphing.

anonymous enum

Type of vertices supplied.

Enumeration values:
VM_WORLDSPACE   Must apply transformation and perspective.
VM_VIEWSPACE   Must apply perspective.

Member Data Documentation

iVertexBuffer * G3DTriangleMesh::buffers[MAX_VERTEXPOOL]

Vertex buffers.

Note that all vertex buffers used here MUST have the same number of vertices.

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