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ctLinkList Class Template Reference

Singly-link list. More...

#include <linklist.h>

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Public Methods

void reset ()
 Reset list.

T* get_first ()
 Get first item. set current item to first item.

T* get_next ()
 Get next to current item. set current item to next item.

T* peek_first ()
 Get first item. don't set current item to first item.

void add_link (T *c)
 Add link to front.

void push (T *c)
 Add link to front.

T* pop ()
 Pop first element off list.

void delete_link (T *c)
 Remove and delete link, delete contents.

void remove_link (T *c)
 Remove and delete link, DOESN'T delete contents.

void remove_all ()
 Remove all nodes, doesn't delete contents of nodes.

void delete_all ()
 Remove all nodes, delete contents of nodes.

long get_size ()
 Get number of items in list.

 ctLinkList ()

 ~ctLinkList ()
 Destructor. Clean up nodes. Does NOT delete contents of nodes.

Protected Attributes

llLink<T>* head
llLink<T>* prev
llLink<T>* current
long size

Detailed Description

template<class T> class ctLinkList

Singly-link list.

Uses a sentinel at head. Caches link immediately before most recent access for ease of deletion. Caches more recent link for ease of iteration.

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