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csVideoPreferences Class Reference

This class is a video preference editor. More...

#include <vidprefs.h>

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Public Methods

 csVideoPreferences ()
 Create the video requester.

 ~csVideoPreferences ()

bool Setup (iObjectRegistry *object_reg)
 Setup the video requester. More...

bool HandleEvent (iEvent &Event)
 Handle an event for our requester. More...

void CleanUp ()
 Clean up the video requester.

void SelectMode ()
 Cleanup the video requester and switch to the correct renderer as requested by the user. More...

Detailed Description

This class is a video preference editor.

It uses AWS (will load the plugin if not already present in memory) and the current video driver to display a dialog with video preferences. At user request it will replace the current video driver with the new requested one (i.e. OpenGL instead of software) or else it will change modes. Do NOT try to use this class while the engine is already initialized. This will make all registered textures and materials invalid.

Member Function Documentation

bool csVideoPreferences::HandleEvent ( iEvent & Event )

Handle an event for our requester.

Return true if the requester is finished.

void csVideoPreferences::SelectMode ( )

Cleanup the video requester and switch to the correct renderer as requested by the user.

This will essentially load the 3D renderer and canvas and register them to the object registry.

bool csVideoPreferences::Setup ( iObjectRegistry * object_reg )

Setup the video requester.

Returns false if something went wrong. If this function succeeded the application should stop all event handling it normally does on its own. Instead it should call HandleEvent() in this class. If this function returns true then the video requester has finished.

IMPORTANT! After HandleEvent() returned true the video driver, the canvas and the font server may have changed. You should take care to update your local g3d/g2d/fontserv variables. Also make sure to release the old g3d/g2d/fontserv you may already have.

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