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csSystemDriver Class Reference

This is the interface to operating system.<. More...

#include <system.h>

Inheritance diagram for csSystemDriver:

iBase SysSystemDriver List of all members.

Public Methods

 csSystemDriver (iObjectRegistry *object_reg)
 Initialize system-dependent data.

virtual ~csSystemDriver ()
 Deinitialize system-dependent parts.

virtual bool Initialize ()
 This is usually called right after object creation.

Public Attributes


Protected Attributes



class  SysSystemDriver

Detailed Description

This is the interface to operating system.<.

p> This driver takes care of all system-dependent parts such as video hardware and input hardware. Note that system-dependent source code should NOT write implementations for methods of csSystemDriver (they are already implemented in system.cpp), but inherit a new class from csSystemDriver, overriding desired methods. Note that some methods it is required to override, otherwise program simply will not compile (they are marked as abstract).

This is an abstract class since it does not implement the iBase interface. The iBase interface is supposed to be implemented in SysSystemDriver which should be derived from csSystemDriver.

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