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csSpline Class Reference

A spline superclass. More...

#include <spline.h>

Inheritance diagram for csSpline:

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Public Methods

 csSpline (int d, int p)
 Create a spline with d dimensions and p points.

virtual ~csSpline ()
 Destroy the spline.

int GetDimensionCount ()
 Get the number of dimensions.

int GetPointCount ()
 Get the number of points.

void InsertPoint (int idx)
 Insert a point after some index. More...

void RemovePoint (int idx)
 Remove a point at the index.

void SetTimeValues (float *t)
 Set the time values. More...

void SetTimeValue (int idx, float t)
 Set one time point.

float* GetTimeValues ()
 Get the time values.

float GetTimeValue (int idx)
 Get one time point.

void SetDimensionValues (int dim, float *d)
 Set the values for some dimension. More...

void SetDimensionValue (int dim, int idx, float d)
 Set a value for some dimension.

float* GetDimensionValues (int dim)
 Get the values for some dimension.

float GetDimensionValue (int dim, int idx)
 Get the value for some dimension.

virtual void Calculate (float time)=0
 Calculate internal values for this spline given some time value.

int GetCurrentIndex ()
 Get the index of the current point we are in (valid after Calculate()).

virtual float GetInterpolatedDimension (int dim)=0
 After calling Calculate() you can use this to fetch the value of some dimension.

Protected Attributes

int dimensions
int num_points
float* time_points
float* points
bool precalculation_valid
int idx

Detailed Description

A spline superclass.

This spline can control several dimensions at once.

Member Function Documentation

void csSpline::InsertPoint ( int idx )

Insert a point after some index.

If index == -1 add a point before all others.

void csSpline::SetDimensionValues ( int dim,
float * d )

Set the values for some dimension.

'd' should point to an array containing 'num_points' values. These are the values that will be interpolated. The given array is copied.

void csSpline::SetTimeValues ( float * t )

Set the time values.

't' should point to an array containing 'num_points' values. These values typically start with 0 and end with 1. Other values are also possible the but the values should rise. The given array is copied.

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