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csRegion Class Reference

A region. More...

#include <region.h>

Inheritance diagram for csRegion:

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Public Methods

 csRegion (iEngine *)
 Initialize an empty region.

virtual ~csRegion ()
 Delete the region without deleting the entities in it. More...

virtual bool IsInRegion (iObject *obj)
 Check if some object is in this region. More...

virtual void DeleteAll ()
 Delete all entities in this region.

virtual bool PrepareTextures ()
 Prepare all textures and materials in this region.

virtual bool ShineLights ()
 Do lighting calculations (or read from cache).

virtual bool Prepare ()
 Prepare all objects in this region. More...


Public Attributes

csRegion::Region  scfiRegion


class  Region

Detailed Description

A region.

A region is basically a collection of objects in the 3D engine that can be treated as a unit.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

csRegion::~csRegion ( ) [virtual]

Delete the region without deleting the entities in it.

The entities in this region will simply get unconnected.

Member Function Documentation

bool csRegion::IsInRegion ( iObject * obj ) [virtual]

Check if some object is in this region.

The speed of this function is independent of the number of objects in this region (i.e. very fast).

bool csRegion::Prepare ( ) [virtual]

Prepare all objects in this region.

This has to be called directly after loading new objects. This function is equivalent to calling PrepareTextures(), followed by ShineLights().

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