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csRandomGen Class Reference

Portable random number generator class.<. More...

#include <rng.h>

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Public Methods

 csRandomGen ()
 Initialize the random number generator using current time().

 csRandomGen (unsigned iSeed)
 Initialize the random number generator given a seed.

void Initialize ()
 Initialize the RNG using current time() as the seed value.

void Initialize (unsigned iSeed)
 Select the random sequence number (942,438,978 sequences available).

float Get ()
 Get a floating-point random number in range 0 <= num < 1.

unsigned Get (unsigned iLimit)
 Get a unsigned integer random number in range 0 <= num < iLimit.

bool SelfTest ()
 Perform a self-test.

Detailed Description

Portable random number generator class.<.

p> The reason for using this class if that you may want a consistent random number generator across all platforms supported by Crystal Space. Besides, in general it is a better quality RNG than the one supplied in most C runtime libraries. Personally I observed a significant improvement in a random terrain generator I made after I switched to this RNG.

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