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csRadCurve Class Reference

A radiosity curve, containing lightmap patches, the lumels. More...

#include <radiosty.h>

Inheritance diagram for csRadCurve:

csRadElement csObject iObject iBase List of all members.

Public Methods

 csRadCurve (csCurve *curve, csSector *sector)
 ~csRadCurve ()
virtual const csVector3GetNormal (int x, int y) const
 get normal vector for the Curve.

virtual void Lumel2World (csVector3 &res, int x, int y)
 Get world coordinates for a lumel.

csSectorGetSector () const
 return the sector of this element.

virtual void GetCoverageMatrix (csFrustumView *, csCoverageMatrix *)
 Populates the shadow coverage Matrix for this element.


Protected Methods

virtual iMaterialWrapperGetMaterialWrapper ()
 return the texture handle for this curve.

virtual csColor GetFlatColor () const
 return the flat color for the polygons texture.

virtual void Setup ()

Detailed Description

A radiosity curve, containing lightmap patches, the lumels.

Radiosity rendering specific info is kept here.

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