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csOctree Member List

This is the complete list of members for csOctree, including all inherited members.
  • AddObject(csPolyTreeBBox *obj)
  • AddStubTodo(csPolygonStub *stub) [inline]
  • Back2Front(const csVector3 &pos, csTreeVisitFunc *func, void *data, csTreeCullFunc *cullfunc=NULL, void *culldata=NULL) [virtual]
  • Build(csPolygonInt **polygons, int num) [virtual]
  • Build(const csPolygonArray &polygons)
  • csPolygonTree::Build(csPolygonArray &polygons) [inline]
  • BuildVertexTables() [inline]
  • Cache(iCacheManager *cache_mgr)
  • Clear() [inline, protected]
  • csOctree(csThing *thing, const csVector3 &min_bbox, const csVector3 &max_bbox, int bsp_num, int mode=BSP_MINIMIZE_SPLITS)
  • csPolygonTree(csThing *th) [inline]
  • Front2Back(const csVector3 &pos, csTreeVisitFunc *func, void *data, csTreeCullFunc *cullfunc=NULL, void *culldata=NULL) [virtual]
  • GetConvexOutline(csOctreeNode *node, const csVector3 &pos, csVector3 *array, int &num_array, bool bVisible=false) [inline]
  • GetLeaf(const csVector3 &pos)
  • GetRoot() [inline]
  • GetThing() [inline]
  • Overlaps(csPolygonInt **polygons, int num)
  • ReadBool(iFile *cf) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadBox3(iFile *cf, csBox3 &box) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadByte(iFile *cf) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadFromCache(iCacheManager *cache_mgr, csPolygonInt **polygons, int num)
  • ReadLong(iFile *cf) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadPlane3(iFile *cf, csPlane3 &v) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadString(iFile *cf, char *str, int len) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadUShort(iFile *cf) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ReadVector3(iFile *cf, csVector3 &v) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • root [protected]
  • Statistics() [virtual]
  • thing [protected]
  • WriteBool(iFile *cf, bool b) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WriteBox3(iFile *cf, const csBox3 &box) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WriteByte(iFile *cf, unsigned char b) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WriteLong(iFile *cf, long l) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WritePlane3(iFile *cf, const csPlane3 &v) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WriteString(iFile *cf, char *str, int len) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WriteUShort(iFile *cf, uint16 l) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • WriteVector3(iFile *cf, const csVector3 &v) (defined in csPolygonTree) [protected]
  • ~csOctree() [virtual]
  • ~csPolygonTree() [inline, virtual]

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