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csNodeIterator Class Reference

A node iterator. More...

#include <mapnode.h>

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Public Methods

 csNodeIterator (iSector *pSector, const char *classname=NULL)
 The constructor. More...

 ~csNodeIterator ()
 The destructor as usual.

void Reset (iSector *pSector, const char *classname=NULL)
 Reuse the iterator for an other search.

iMapNodeGetNode ()
 Get the object we are pointing at.

void Next ()
 Move forward.

bool IsFinished () const
 Check if there are other nodes.

Protected Methods

void SkipWrongClassname ()
 Skip all nodes with wrong classname.

void NextNode ()
 Step to the next node in the sector, ignoring its classname.

Protected Attributes

const char* Classname

Detailed Description

A node iterator.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

csNodeIterator::csNodeIterator ( iSector * pSector,
const char * classname = NULL )

The constructor.

Theorectially, we could handle any iObject, but that doesn't make sense for the current implementation, so we restrict it to iSector to avoid some pitfalls.

If a classname is given, search is restricted to nodes, in which the key "classname" has the same value as the given classname. the classname string is _not_ duplicated, so the caller is responsible to take care, that the string is available while the Iterator is alive.

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