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csMouseDriver Class Reference

Generic Mouse Driver.<. More...

#include <csinput.h>

Inheritance diagram for csMouseDriver:

csInputDriver iMouseDriver iBase List of all members.

Public Methods

 csMouseDriver (iObjectRegistry *)
 Initialize mouse interface.

virtual ~csMouseDriver ()

virtual void SetDoubleClickTime (int iTime, size_t iDist)
 Set double-click mouse parameters.

virtual void Reset ()
 Call to release all mouse buttons.

virtual int GetLastX ()
 Query last mouse X position.

virtual int GetLastY ()
 Query last mouse Y position.

virtual bool GetLastButton (int button)
 Query the last known mouse button state.

virtual void DoButton (int button, bool down, int x, int y)
 Call this to add a 'mouse button down/up' event to queue.

virtual void DoMotion (int x, int y)
 Call this to add a 'mouse moved' event to queue.

virtual void LostFocus ()
 Application lost focus.

Public Attributes

csMouseDriver::eiEventHandler  scfiEventHandler

Protected Methods

iKeyboardDriverGetKeyboardDriver ()
 Get the generic keyboard driver (for checking modifier states).

Protected Attributes

csTicks LastClickTime
 Last "mouse down" event time.

int LastClickButton
 Last "mouse down" event button.

int LastClickX
 Last "mouse down" event position.

int LastClickY
 Last "mouse down" event position.

int LastX
 Last mouse position.

int LastY
 Last mouse position.

 Mouse buttons state.

csTicks DoubleClickTime
 Mouse double click max interval in 1/1000 seconds.

size_t DoubleClickDist
 Mouse double click max distance.


class  eiEventHandler

Detailed Description

Generic Mouse Driver.<.

p> Mouse driver should generate events and put them into the event queue. Also it is responsible for generating double-click events.

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