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csListBox Class Reference

List box class is a rectangle which contains a number of list box items. More...

#include <cslistbx.h>

Inheritance diagram for csListBox:

csComponent List of all members.

Public Methods

 csListBox (csComponent *iParent, int iStyle=CSLBS_DEFAULTVALUE, csListBoxFrameStyle iFrameStyle=cslfsThickRect)
 Create input line object.

 ~csListBox ()
 Destructor - cleans up the frame bitmap.

virtual bool HandleEvent (iEvent &Event)
 Handle external events and generate timeouts.

void PlaceItems (bool setscrollbars=true)
 Find a place for each menu item.

virtual bool SetRect (int xmin, int ymin, int xmax, int ymax)
 Resize child items on parent window resize.

void SuggestSize (int &w, int &h)
 Get the recommended size from the slice.

csComponentForEachItem (bool(*func)(csComponent *child, void *param), void *param=NULL, bool iSelected=true)
 For each listbox item call a function with a optional arg Function returns the first child on which func returnes 'true'.

virtual void SetState (int mask, bool enable)
 Override SetState method to disable scroll bars as well.

virtual bool SetFocused (csComponent *comp)
 Tell parent that a new item has been selected.

virtual void Insert (csComponent *comp)
 Set fPlaceItems since a item has been inserted.

virtual void Delete (csComponent *comp)
 Set fPlaceItems since a item has been removed.

void SetFrameBitmap (csPixmap *iFrameBitmap, bool iDelFrameBitmap=false)
 Set the frame bitmap (only useful when FrameStyle is cslfsBitmap).

void SetTexture (csPixmap *iTexture, bool iDelFrameBitmap=false)
 Set the background texture (only useful when FrameStyle is cslfsTextured).

void SetAlpha (uint8 iAlpha)
 Set the frame's alpha.

virtual char* GetSkinName ()
 Get the name of the skip slice for this component.

int GetListBoxStyle ()
 Get List box style.

csListBoxFrameStyle GetFrameStyle ()
 Get List box frame style.

void GetBorderSize (int *iBorderWidth, int *iBorderHeight)
 Get List box frame width and height.

int VerticalCount ()
 Get number of items that fits vertically.

csScrollBarGetHScroll ()
 Get the horizontal scroll bar.

csScrollBarGetVScroll ()
 Get the vertical scroll bar.

int GetDeltaX ()
 Get horizontal scrolling position.

int GetMaxDeltaX ()
 Get horizontal scrolling maximum.

bool GetPlaceItemsFlag ()
 Get place items before redraw flag.

csPixmapGetFrameBitmap ()
 Get frame bitmap or texture bitmap (same item, meaning just depends on FrameStyle).

uint8 GetAlpha ()
 Get the alpha for the listbox.

Protected Methods

void MakeItemVisible (csComponent *item)
 Make a listbox item visible (same as cscmdListBoxMakeVisible).

Detailed Description

List box class is a rectangle which contains a number of list box items.

List box can have only one selected item at a time (if CSLBS_MULTIPLESEL style is not specified) or have multiple selected items at a time (if that style flag is set).

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