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csInputLine Class Reference

The Input Line class implements a rectangular are where user can enter any text. More...

#include <csiline.h>

Inheritance diagram for csInputLine:

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Public Methods

 csInputLine (csComponent *iParent, int iMaxLen=CSIL_DEFAULTLENGTH, csInputLineFrameStyle iFrameStyle=csifsThickRect)
 Create input line object.

virtual void SetText (const char *iText)
 Set text field.

virtual void Draw ()
 Draw the input line.

virtual bool HandleEvent (iEvent &Event)
 Handle external events.

virtual void SetState (int mask, bool enable)
 Override SetState method to redraw input line when it is switched.

void SetSelection (int iStart, int iEnd)
 Select text from character iStart to character iEnd.

void SetCursorPos (int NewPos, bool ExtendSel)
 Set new cursor position and extend selection if extendsel == true.

virtual void SuggestSize (int &w, int &h)
 Report the minimal size of inputline.

virtual bool IsValidPos (int NewPos)
 Check whenever new cursor position is valid.

virtual bool IsValidChar (char iChar)
 Check whenever a character is valid for inserting into string.

virtual bool IsValidString (const char *iText)
 Check if string after modification is valid.

void DeleteSelection ()
 Delete selection.

Protected Methods

int GetCharX (int iNum)
 Query character X position within component.

void SetTextExt (const char *iText)
 Set text, drop the selection and don't move the cursor.

Detailed Description

The Input Line class implements a rectangular are where user can enter any text.

The class has a method called IsValidChar() which can be overriden to implement specific needs, for example if you would like to implement a input line which accepts only numbers you can just override the method IsValidChar() and analyze entered characters. There is also a more general method called IsValidString() which checks the just-modified string for correctness. If method decides that string is incorrect, the changes are undone.

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