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csFrustumContext Class Reference

This structure keeps track of the current frustum context. More...

#include <fview.h>

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Public Methods

 csFrustumContext ()

csFrustumContext& operator= (csFrustumContext const &c)
iShadowBlockListGetShadows ()
 Get the list of shadows.

void SetShadows (iShadowBlockList *shad, bool sh)
 Set the list of shadows.

bool IsShared ()
 Get shared.

void SetLightFrustum (csFrustum *lf)
 Set the light frustum.

csFrustumGetLightFrustum ()
 Get the light frustum.

void SetMirrored (bool m)
 Set/Disable mirrored space (default false). More...

bool IsMirrored ()
 Is mirrored.

void SetFirstTime (bool ft)
 Set first time.

bool IsFirstTime ()
 Is first time.

Detailed Description

This structure keeps track of the current frustum context.

It is used by iFrustumView. When recursing through a portal a new frustum context will be created and set in place of the old one.

Member Function Documentation

void csFrustumContext::SetMirrored ( bool m ) [inline]

Set/Disable mirrored space (default false).

Set this to true if the frustum starts in mirrored space.

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