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csFogInfo Class Reference

Information for vertex based fog. More...

#include <rview.h>

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Public Attributes

csFogInfo* next
 Next in list (back in recursion time).

csPlane3 incoming_plane
 The incoming plane (plane of the portal).

csPlane3 outgoing_plane
 The outgoing plane (also of a portal).

bool has_incoming_plane
 If this is false then there is no incoming plane (the current sector has fog and is not being drawn through a portal).

bool has_outgoing_plane
 If this is false there is no outgoing plane. More...

 The structure describing the fog.

Detailed Description

Information for vertex based fog.

There is an instance of this structure in iRenderView for every fogged sector that we encounter. It contains information which allows us to calculate the thickness of the fog for any given ray through the incoming and outgoing portals of the sector.

Member Data Documentation

bool csFogInfo::has_outgoing_plane

If this is false there is no outgoing plane.

The 'outgoing plane distance' is then calculated by straight distance to a vertex instead of projecting throught the outgoing plane

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