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csEventQueue Class Reference

This class represents a general event queue. More...

#include <cseventq.h>

Inheritance diagram for csEventQueue:

iEventQueue iBase List of all members.

Public Methods

 csEventQueue (iObjectRegistry *, size_t iLength=DEF_EVENT_QUEUE_LENGTH)
 Initialize the event queue.

virtual ~csEventQueue ()
 Destroy an event queue object.

virtual void Process ()
 Process the event queue. Calls Dispatch() once for each contained event.

virtual void Dispatch (iEvent &)
 Dispatch a single event from the queue; normally called by Process().

virtual void RegisterListener (iEventHandler *, unsigned int trigger)
 Register a listener for specific events.

virtual void RemoveListener (iEventHandler *)
 Unregister a listener.

virtual void ChangeListenerTrigger (iEventHandler *, unsigned int trigger)
 Change a listener's trigger.

virtual iEventOutletCreateEventOutlet (iEventPlug *)
 Register an event plug and return a new outlet.

virtual iEventOutletGetEventOutlet ()
 Get a public event outlet for posting just an event.

virtual iEventCordGetEventCord (int Category, int Subcategory)
 Get the event cord for a given category and subcategory.

virtual void Post (iEvent *)
 Place an event into queue.

virtual iEventGet ()
 Get next event from queue or NULL.

virtual void Clear ()
 Clear event queue.

virtual bool IsEmpty ()
 Query if queue is empty (@ Not thread safe!). More...

Public Attributes



class  csEventOutlet

Detailed Description

This class represents a general event queue.

See the documentation of iEventQueue for a detailed description of each method. One instance of this class is usually shared via iObjectRegistry.

The implemented event queue is limited thread-safe. There are some primitive spinlocks acquired/released in critical sections.

Member Function Documentation

bool csEventQueue::IsEmpty ( ) [inline, virtual]

Query if queue is empty (@ Not thread safe!).


Reimplemented from iEventQueue.

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