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csDefaultWindowSkin Class Reference

This is the default skin for windows. More...

#include <sdefault.h>

Inheritance diagram for csDefaultWindowSkin:

csWindowSkin csSkinSlice List of all members.

Public Methods

 csDefaultWindowSkin ()
 Initialize the window skin slice.

virtual void Initialize (csApp *iApp, csSkin *Parent)
 Query the required resources from application.

virtual void Deinitialize ()
 Free the resources allocated in Initialize().

virtual void Draw (csComponent &iComp)
 Draw the component we are responsible for.

virtual void PlaceGadgets (csWindow &This)
 Place all gadgets (titlebar, buttons, menu and toolbar).

virtual csButtonCreateButton (csWindow &This, int ButtonID)
 Create a button for window's titlebar.

virtual void SetState (csWindow &This, int Which, bool State)
 Called to reflect some specific window state change on gagdets.

virtual void SetBorderSize (csWindow &This)
 Set window border width and height depending on frame style.

Protected Methods

void SetButtBitmap (csButton *button, const char *id)

Detailed Description

This is the default skin for windows.

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