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csCurveTesselated Class Reference

Tesselated curve. More...

#include <curve.h>

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Public Methods

 csCurveTesselated (int NumVertices, int NumTriangles)
 Allocate a new tesselated curve with the given number of vertices and triangles.

 ~csCurveTesselated ()

int GetVertexCount () const
 Return the number of vertices.

int GetTriangleCount () const
 Return the number of triangles.

csVector3GetVertices ()
 Return the array of vertices.

csVector2GetTxtCoords ()
 Return the array of texture coordinates.

csVector2GetControlPoints ()
 Return the array of control points.

csColorGetColors ()
 Return the array of vertex colors.

csTriangleGetTriangles ()
 Return the array of triangles.

csTriangleGetTriangle (int i)
 Return a single triangle @ why? More...

bool AreColorsValid () const
 Return true if the colors table is valid.

void UpdateColors (csLightMap *lightmap)
 Update the 'colors' array in this tesselation given a lightmap. More...

Detailed Description

Tesselated curve.

This is basicly a list of triangles.

Member Function Documentation

csTriangle & csCurveTesselated::GetTriangle ( int i ) [inline]

Return a single triangle @ why?


void csCurveTesselated::UpdateColors ( csLightMap * lightmap )

Update the 'colors' array in this tesselation given a lightmap.

This should be called whenever the lightmap changes and the curve needs to be rendered.

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