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This documentation is intended to help programmers who wish to write their own task interfaces. The main reasons why you might want to do this:

  • to interface to a 'new' program
  • to provide a graphical interface to a 'script' which uses existing CCP4 programs to perform a novel function.

Creating a new task interface will probably require four new files. None of these files are particulary complex for a simple interface but I do expect that learning about four new file formats will present an energy barrier to getting started with CCP4i. Please persevere and hassle us with any problems/suggestions:

There is an Overview of the task interface which you should read before starting. There are a couple of simple example interfaces (demo). Then it is probably best to work on the files in the order:

The other pages of interest:

Library of CCP4i Commands
containing links to documentation for CCP4i-specific commands
Documentation for core CCP4i Tcl Procedures
containing links to documentation for all CCP4i core Tcl procedures

Introduction to Tcl

The CCP4 web site also has a Developers Resources page.