procmail version

This module is based on procmail version 3.10

How to use the output

There are two different strategies for using the output from the procmail module. To get procmail to work with your incoming mail, you have to create a file called ~/.forward, in which only one line should be place. This line should look like this:
"|IFS=' ' &&exec /usr/local/bin/procmail -f-||exit 75 #YOUR_USERNAME"
Where /usr/local/bin/procmail should be replaced with the correct path for procmail. (try 'which procmail' to find it), and YOUR_USERNAME should be replaced with your login name.

Try out your procmail configuration before mail arrives

It might be a very good idea to check that your filter actually works before you let it handle your daily mail.

One way to do this is to select the check button on the "General Setup" page, which let you back all incoming mail up into a file. You should check this mail folder too, when you have received mail, to ensure that you got all the mail, which you expected.

An other way to test your output is to invoke procmail manually. To do that, save a letter (including headers etc) in a file eg ~/letter, and type the following at your command line:
cat ~/letter | procmail ~/dot.procmailrc
Again, you have to change the file name to the one, which you have generated to. NOTE that you have to specify the location of the procmail file with full path, otherwise this will not work.