IX. Paper/Page Characteristics

Table of Contents
%paper-type% -- Name of paper type
%two-side% -- Is two-sided output being produced?
%writing-mode% -- The writing mode
%page-n-columns% -- Sets the number of columns on each page
%titlepage-n-columns% -- Sets the number of columns on the title page
%page-column-sep% -- Sets the width of the gutter between columns
%page-balance-columns?% -- Balance columns on pages?
%left-margin% -- Width of left margin
%right-margin% -- Width of the right margin
%page-width% -- Specifies the page width
%page-height% -- Specifies the page height
%text-width% -- Specifies the width of the body column
%body-width% -- Specifies the width of the text in the body column
%top-margin% -- Height of top margin
%bottom-margin% -- Height of bottom margin
%header-margin% -- Height of header margin
%footer-margin% -- Height of footer margin
%page-number-restart% -- Restart page numbers in each component?
%article-page-number-restart% -- Restart page numbers in each article?
%generate-heading-level% -- Output RTF heading level characteristics?