MindGuard features the ability to personalize key functions of its algorithms to enhance performance. Personalization is based on proven biorhythmic and numerological technology that uses information about you to optimize MindGuard's attack on psychotronic signals. MindGuard also displays your biorhythm chart and eponymolog for other personal uses.

PsIdent Window

Using PsIdent:

Check the options that you wish to use. Only checked options will affect MindGuard's psychotronic abilities, but unchecked ones will be available for your personal use.

Biorhythmic Sync:

  • Enter your birthdate into the top section. MindGuard does sanity checks for leap years and all that. A biorhythm will be drawn for you. See biorhythm for more information.


  • Enter your FULL BIRTH NAME into the bottom section. This must include your full middle name, not initial, and not your nickname or shortened version (ie. Mike instead of Michael). Your eponymolog will be displayed to the right of your name. See numerology for more information.

NOTE: If you are unsure of your true birthdate or birth name (this may be if you are an orphan or suffering from amnesia,) then it is best not to use the PsIdent features, as improper information may DEGRADE MindGuard's abilities for you. Uncheck the features that may be affected.