About The Author

Lyle Zapato:

My name is Lyle Zapato.

I have a website.

I also have an email address (lyle@zapatopi.net).

My other computer is an Amiga.

I cannot tell you more.


Since MindGuard was first released on the Amiga I have received email from users with various suggestions and questions. I have tried to implement some of the most asked for features and have tried to include answers to your questions in the documentation. Linux users have the Amiga community to thank for making this anti-psychotronic software possible for them.

Thanks to Aiyb O'Malley for the multi-phasic tumbler fix.

For the people who wrote to me suggesting I seek professional help (you know who you are): We'll see who has the last laugh when the black helicopters finally land.

And, again, I am indebted to Bill Gates, David Hasselhof, Tom Brokaw, the New World Order, and the fine folks at Kortech International, without whom none of this would be possible.