janosvm man page

       janosvm - a virtual machine to execute Java(tm) bytecodes.


       janosvm [options...]  classname [arguments...]


       janosvm loads and  executes  the  bytecode  in  the  class
       classname,  starting  with  the main method (which must be
       static and public).  Any arguments given  after  classname
       are  passed  to  the  main method.  Additional classes are
       loaded as needed.

       Unlike other virtual machines, the JanosVM supports multi-
       ple, separate processes (called "teams" in JanosVM) within
       a single VM.  Based  on  KaffeOS  (and  thus  Kaffe),  the
       JanosVM supports per-team separate heaps, per-team garbage
       collection  threads,  inter-team  thread  migration,  safe
       cross-team  reference  objects,  and  a  spiffy  tutorial.
       Designed to support asynchronous termination of uncoopera-
       tive  or malicious Java applications, the JanosVM provides
       robust and scalable multi-process support within a  single
       Java virtual machine.


       -help  Give a short usage message.

              Print the version number.

              Print verbose version info.

       -ss size
              Set the maximum stack size to size

       -ms size
              Set the initial heap size to size

       -mx size
              Set the maximum heap size to size

       -as size
              Set the heap increment to size

       -classpath path
              Override  the  default  search path for class files
              with path.

       -addclasspath path
              Appends the given path  to  the  current  classpath
              setting.  Multiple  instances  of  this flag may be
              Set property to the given value.   Some  properties
              are  used by the VM at startup.  All can be fetched
              at runtime through the method System.getProperty().

              Do not verify any bytecode.

              Disable garbage collection of classes.

       -jar   The startup class, classname, names a JAR file.

       -v     Enable verbose output.

              Print messages during garbage collection.

              Print messages during JIT code generation.

              Print detailed memory allocation statistics.

       -vmstats flag{,flag}
              Turn  on  VM statistcs. Use ``-vmstats list'' for a
              list of available flags.

       -name name
              Register this VM instance as name.  This is  useful
              when  the JVM is going to be the target of JSI mes-
              sages since you can just use  the  registered  name
              instead  of a whole protocol and address specifica-

       -jsiprovider name
              Specify where the jsi provider should listen.   The
              format  of  name  is  a protocol name followed by a
              colon  and  then  some   implementation   dependent
              address  data.   For example, to listen on TCP port
              10000 of the current machine (,  you
              would  use  -jsiprovider
              Currently, only one provider is allowed at a  time.

       -jsitcpport port
              Specify a TCP based JSI provider that should listen
              on port .
                Basically, a fast alternative to the above.

       -jsifile name
              Setup a JSI link through files with name  as  their
              basename.   This option can be used multiple times.
              Use file for initial configuration of the  JanosVM.

              The  JanosVM  continues  even  if  only  non-dameon
              threads are running.  Useful for JSI-controlled VMs
              that would otherwise exit.

       -vmdebug flag{,flag}
              Enable VM debugging. Use ``-vmdebug list'' to get a
              list of available flags.

              Disable deadlock detection.

              Enable cross language profiling.  See FAQ/FAQ.xpro-
              filer for details.

       -Xxprof_syms  filename
              Name  of  the  profiling symbols file.  Defaults to

       -Xxprof_gmon  filename
              Base name for gmon files. Defaults to xgmon.out

       -Xxprof_format  formatname

              Generate a debugging symbols file  usable  by  gdb.
              See FAQ/FAQ.xdebugging for details.

       -Xxdebug_file  format name
              Name  of  the  debugging symbols file.  Defaults to

              The file name to write feedback data to.


              A colon-separated list of directories in  which  to
              search for .class files.

              Base directory of kaffe installation.

              Optional value naming the debugger to start JanosVM
              up under.  Performs  debugger-specific  initializa-
              tion  to  ensure  that  the JanosVM command line is

              A  colon-separated  list of directories in which to
              search for libraries.  See  for  details.
              This  needs  to  be set if Kaffe's shared libraries
              are installed in a location not part of the dynamic
              loader's default search path.


       There  are native libraries, jar files, class files, shell
       scripts and libtool files used by the JanosVM at  runtime.


       Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

       JanosVM             is             available            at

       See that page for information on mailing lists.

       The JanosVM is based on  Kaffe,,  a
       freely-available GPL'd Java Virtual Machine.


       The  JanosVM  was written by the Flux Group at the Univer-
       sity of Utah.

       Kaffe   was   originally   written   by   Tim    Wilkinson
       <>, 1996.  Many, many others have con-
       tributed to the Kaffe project.


       The JanosVM is distributed under the  GNU  GPL.  For  full
       details,  see the file license.terms in the source distri-
       bution for full details.

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