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!    ! ls ~
Executes the rest of the line as a command.

//    // I'm doing well
Sends a message to the last person you messaged. This command has similar functionality and options as /msg

/add    /add airog
Adds a user to your roster, requesting permission if need be. The first parameter is the fully qualified Jabber ID, the second parameter is the nickname to give the JID.

/addgroup    /addgroup airog lurker
Add a user to a group.

/admin    /admin announce/online
Send a message to all users online or set a MOTD. You must be an admin on the jabber server to do this. The second parameter can be either announe/online or announce/motd

/adminwho    /aw
Shows a list of users on your server currently (Admin users only)

/agenthelp    /agenthelp
Gets help on registering for a transport on the server. This step is REQUIRED in the registration process.

/agents    /agents
Retrieves a list of all transports available on the server.

/alias    /alias today ! date
Creates a textual substitution alias. The example above creates the aliased command today, which runs the date program. /alias by itself will list the aliases which currently exist.

/auth    /auth
Authorizes a user to add you to their roster.

/away    /away out doing something
Set your status to away

/chat    /chat
Set your status to chat

/confusers    /confusers
Displays the memebers partaking in a conference. You must be joined to the conference to see this list. Without parameters this command list display the conference you are partaking in. The conference nickname can be used in place of the conference JID.

/delete    /delete
DANGER, deletes a user from your roster; removing both your subscription to them and their subscription to you.

/delgroup    /delgroup airog lurker
Remove a user from a group.

/dnd    /dnd busy with stuff
Set your status to DND.

/help    /help
Get help

/info    /info
Get information on a user.

/joinconf    /joinconf jdev
Joins a conference on a server and nicknames the conference. To send messages to the conference message the nickname or the conference name.

/last    /last
Show the history of exchanges with a nick.

/leaveconf    /leaveconf
Leaves a conference you are currently joined to. With no parameters it will list the conferences you are partaking in. You can use the conference nickname instead of the conference JID.

/listprofiles    /listprofiles
List all the profile in your config.

/logs    /logs
An advanced command that lets you search through the log files.

/membership    /membership
Show the groups that a user is in.

/msg    /msg airog hi there
Send a message to a user. The username can either be a nickname you have specified or a fully qualified Jabber ID. This has two modes, single-line mode and multi-line mode. In single-line mode it takes a username and a message to send. In multi-line mode hit enter after typing the username and it will display a different prompt: [msg]: Type a period on a line by itself to send the message, or a hash( # ) on a line by itself to cancel the message.

/msgr    /msgr airog Resource With Spaces in it
Send a multiline message to a user with a specified resource.

/online    /online
Set status to online.

/quit    /quit
Quit IMCom.

/r    /r I'm doing well, yourself?
Message the last user who messaged you. This command has similar functionality and options as /msg.

/reg    /reg 1227636 airog yeahright
Register with a transport on your server. The agenthelp command must be issued before this command will be successful, the agenthelp command will tell you the exact format of this command as it changes from time to time.

/remove    /remove
Unsubscribe from a user's presence.

/rename    /rename airog bob Rename a user on your roster.

/saveprefs    /saveprefs
Save your preferences (colors, commands aliases)

/sendfile    /sendfile airog /home/crabbkw/sendme.txt
Send a file to a user.

/set    /set debug on
Set boolean variables. The boolean values accepted as true are "true", "yes", "on". Everything else is interpreted as false. Currently the following variables are supported

  • statusshow: Whether or not to show status updates
  • colors: Whether or not to use colors
  • debug: Whether or not to output debugging information
  • ringbell: Whether or not to ring the terminal bell on incoming msg
  • allowInterrupt: Whether to allow interruptions in the middle of multi-line messages.
  • nickPrompt: Whether or not to user nicknames as the multi-line message prompt.
  • autoStatus: Whether or not to use the AutoStatus functionality
  • statusnag: Whether or not to warn the user if their status is not online when sending messages
  • confsuppress:Whether or not to suppress the 'From' line on conference messages
  • igndupstatus:Whether or not to ignore duplicate status messages

/setgroup    /setgroup airog pants
Clears the groups a person belongs to, then sets the one specified.

/setpriority    /setpriority 6
Sets the base priority for the current connection. This is the priority used when you are status online, or status chat. Number - 2 is used for status away, Number - 4 is used for status xa, Number - 6 is used for stataus dnd.

/show    /show lurker
Show members of a particular group. Without an argument, lists all the groupos that exist.

/submitvcard    /submitvcard Casey Crabb Casey Airog
Submit your vCard information to the server. The parameters are: DisplayName FamilyName GivenName NickName Email.

/switchprofile    /switchprofile test
Switch to another profile from your config.

/unalias    /unalias /foop
Remove an existing alias. Displays a list of aliases if there are no parameters given.

/xa    /xa out doing stuff
Set your status to eXtended Away.

e    e
Show users that are currently online.

w    w
Show the status of all users on your Roster

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