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9. Preferences

Default values are shown following the equal sign.

9.1 Focus and Behavior

The following settings can be set to value 1 (enabled) or value 0 (disabled).

ClickToFocus = 1

Enables click to focus mode.

RaiseOnFocus = 1

Window is raised when focused.

FocusOnClickClient = 1

Window is focused when client area is clicked.

RaiseOnClickClient = 1

Window is raised when client area is clicked.

RaiseOnClickTitleBar = 1

Window is raised when titlebar is clicked.

RaiseOnClickButton = 1

Window is raised when title bar button is clicked.

RaiseOnClickFrame = 1

Window is raised when frame is clicked.

PassFirstClickToClient = 1

The click which raises the window is also passed to the client.

AutoRaise = 0

Windows will raise automatically after AutoRaiseDelay when focused.

FocusOnMap = 1

Window is focused after being mapped.

FocusOnMapTransient = 1

Transient window is focused after being mapped.

FocusOnAppRaise = 1

The window is focused when application raises it.

PointerColormap = 0

Colormap focus follows pointer.

SizeMaximized = 0

Window can be resized when maximized.

MinimizeToDesktop = 0

Window is minimized to desktop area (in addition to the taskbar).

QuickSwitch = 1

enable Alt+Tab window switcher.

QuickSwitchToMinimized = 1

Alt+Tab switches to minimized windows too.

QuickSwitchToAllWorkspaces = 1

Alt+Tab switches to windows on any workspace.

ShowMoveSizeStatus = 1

Move/resize status window is visible when moving/resizing the window.

ShowWorkspaceStatusAfterSwitch = 1

Show name of current workspace while switching workspaces.

ShowWorkspaceStatusAfterActivation = 1

Show name of current workspace after explicit activation.

WarpPointer = 0

Pointer is moved in pointer focus move when focus is moved using the keyboard.

OpaqueMove = 1

Window is immediately moved when dragged, no outline is shown.

OpaqueResize = 0

Window is immediately resized when dragged, no outline is shown.

Win95Keys = 0

Makes 3 additional keys perform sensible functions. The keys must be mapped to MetaL,MetaR and Menu. The left one will activate the start menu and the right one will display the window list.

ManualPlacement = 0

Windows must be placed manually by the user.

IgnoreNoFocusHint = 0

Ignore no-accept-focus hint set by some windows.

MenuMouseTracking = 0

If enabled, menus will track the mouse even when no mouse button is pressed.

SnapMove = 1

Snap to nearest screen edge/window when moving windows.


Distance in pixels before windows snap together

EdgeSwitch = 0

Workspace switches by moving mouse to left/right screen edge.

AutoReloadMenus = 1

Reload menu files automatically if set to 1.

ShowThemesMenu = 1

Show themes submenu.

ShowHelp = 1

Show the help menu item.

GnomeFolderIcon = 1

Show GNOME's folder icon in GNOME menus

GnomeAppsMenuAtToplevel = 0

Create GNOME application menu at toplevel

GnomeUserMenuAtToplevel = 0

Create GNOME user menu at toplevel

KDEMenuAtToplevel = 0

Create KDE menu at toplevel

MsgBoxDefaultAction = 0

Preselect to Cancel (0) or the OK (1) button in message boxes

9.2 Task Bar

The following settings can be set to value 1 (enabled) or value 0 (disabled).

ShowTaskBar = 1

Task bar is visible.

TaskBarAtTop = 0

Task bar is located at top of screen.

TaskBarKeepBelow = 1

Keep the task bar below regular windows

TaskBarAutoHide = 0

Task bar will auto hide when mouse leaves it.

TaskBarShowStartMenu = 1

Show button for the start menu on the task bar.


Show button for window list menu on taskbar.

TaskBarShowWorkspaces = 1

Show workspace switching buttons on task bar.

TaskBarShowAllWindows = 0

Show windows from all workspaces on task bar.

TaskBarShowClock = 1

Task bar clock is visible.

TaskBatClockLeds = 1

Display clock using LCD style pixmaps.

TaskBarShowMailboxStatus = 1

Display status of mailbox (determined by $MAIL environment variable).

TaskBarMailboxStatusBeepOnNewMail = 1

Beep when new mail arrives.

TaskBarMailboxStatusCountMessages = 0

Display mail message count as tooltip.


Path to a mbox file. Remote mail boxes are accessed by specifying an URL using the Common Internet Scheme Syntax (RFC 1738):

Supported schemes are "pop3", "imap" and "file". When the scheme is omitted "file://" is prepended silently. IMAP subfolders can be access by using the path component.

Reserved characters like slash, at and colon can be specified by using escape sequences using a hexadecimal encoding like %2f for the slash or %40 for the at sign.


TaskBarDoubleHeight = 0

Double height task bar

TaskBarShowCPUStatus = 1

Show CPU status on task bar.


format for the taskbar clock (time) (see strftime(3) manpage)


format for the taskbar clock tooltip (date+time) (see strftime(3) manpage).


mouse wheel support


similar to delayed auto raise.

9.3 Borders

The following settings can be set to a numeric value.

BorderSizeX = 6

Left/right border width.

BorderSizeY = 6

Top/bottom border height.

DlgBorderSizeX = 2

Left/right border width of non-resizable windows.

DlgBorderSizeY = 2

Top/bottom border height of non-resizable windows.

CornerSizeX = 24

Width of the window corner.

CornerSizeY = 24

Height of the window corner.

TitleBarHeight = 20

Height of the title bar.

EdgeResistance = 32

Resistance to move window with mouse outside screen limits. Setting it to 10000 makes the resistance infinite.


Bitmask of root window button click to use in window manager


Bitmask of buttons that raise the window when pressed

9.4 Timings

ClickMotionDistance = 5

Movement before click is interpreted as drag.

MultiClickTime = 400

Time (ms) to recognize for double click.

AutoRaiseDelay = 400

Time to auto raise (must enable first with AutoRaise)

AutoHideDelay = 300

Time to auto hide taskbar (must enable first with TaskBarAutoHide).

ToolTipDelay = 5000

Time before showing the tooltip.

ToolTipTime = 60000

Time before tooltip window is hidden (0 means never)


Initial scroll bar autoscroll delay


Scroll bar autoscroll delay


Auto scroll start delay


Auto scroll delay

9.5 Fonts

The following settings can be set to a string value.

TitleFontName = ""

Name of the title bar font.

MenuFontName = ""

Name of the menu font.

StatusFontName = ""

Name of the status display font.

QuickSwitchFontName = ""

Name of the font for Alt+Tab switcher window.

NormalTaskBarFontName = ""

Name of the normal task bar item font.

ActiveTaskBarFontName = ""

Name of the active task bar item font.

ListBoxFontName = ""

Name of the window list font.

ToolTipFontName = ""

Name of the tool tip font.

ClockFontName =""

Name of the task bar clock font.

9.6 Colors


Color of the active window border.


... TODO (see default preferences for complete list)

9.7 Desktop Background


Color of the desktop background.


Image (.xpm) for desktop background. If you want icewm to ignore the desktop background image / color set both DesktopBackgroundColor ad DesktopBackgroundImage to an empty value ("").

DesktopBackgroundCenter = 0

Display desktop background centered and not tiled. (set to 0 or 1).

9.8 Workspaces


List of workspace names, for example

WorkspaceNames=" 1 ", " 2 ", " 3 ", " 4 "

9.9 Paths


Path to the icewm/lib directory.


Path to the icon directory. Multiple paths can be entered using the colon (UNIX) or semicolon (OS/2) as the separator.


Path to the icewm/lib directory.


Root directory for KDE data (/usr/share by default).

9.10 Programs


program to run when the clock is double clicked.


program to run when mailbox icon is double clicked.


program to run to lock the screen.


program to run when Run is selected from the start menu.

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