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5. Mouse Commands

5.1 Frame Commands

Left Button

Select and raise the window. On the window frame, resize the window.

Right Button

When dragged, moves the window. When clicked, displays the context menu.

5.2 Title Bar Commands

Any Button Drag

Move the window.

Alt + Left Button

Lower the window.

Left Button Double Click

Maximize/Restore the window.

Middle Button Double Click

Rollup/Unroll the window.

Ctrl modifier key can be used together with mouse button to prevent window from being raised to the top of the stack.

5.3 Taskbar commands

Left Button Click

Activate the workspace with the window and raise the window. Toggles the minimized/active state of the window.

Shift + Left Button Click

Move window to current workspace. This only works when windows from all workspaces are shown on the taskbar all the time.

Control + Left Button Click

Minimize/restore the window.

Middle Button Click

Toggle raised/lowered state of the window.

Shift + Middle Button Click

Add the window to the current workspace.

Control + Middle Button Click

Lower the window.

Right Button Click

Display a context menu.

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