...about the visualization

This visual program visualizes data from the United States Census of 1990 (the data is for 1989).

...about the visual program

The user chooses three variables to be mapped to the x, y, and z positions, and another variable to be visualized as colored glyphs. The creation of the new field to be visualized is accomplished using the macro Make3DField. The axes are automatically scaled to a 1:1:1 aspect ratio using the AutoScaleMacro found in samples/macros. The glyphs are made to be of uniform aspect ratio by using the UnsquishGlyphsMacro found in samples/macros. All of these macros will be automatically loaded for you if you do not explicitly load them.

...about the conversion to web page

Web page under construction. Data Explorer is computing viewing parameters automatically (using AutoCamera). Selecting parameters with a different range of values from the current picture, typically gets you a picture of a polar bear in a snow storm. If this is what you get, then click on 'Reset Camera' in the 'Execution' page.

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