The HLaTeX Homepage

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This is the homepage of HLaTeX, A LaTeX package for Korean Document.

Current version of HLaTeX is 0.99. All files are archived with tar and compressed with gzip.

This page is for the people, who have problem in reading Korean language. If you do have no problem with Korean language, please go to the page in Korean.

In this page, you can get the installation instruction of HLaTeX and a brief instruction to use HLaTeX.


1. TDS -- Where to put TeX-related files.

TDS stands for TeX Directory Structure. Given a root directory `prefix' (`/usr/local' by default), TDS looks as follows:
bin/ executables
man/ man pages
info/ info files
lib/ libraries (`libkpathsea.*')
share/ architecture-independent files
The root TDS directory is designated by `texmf'. The location of this directory on the system is site-dependent. On Unix systems, `/usr/local/share', `/usr/local', `/usr/local/lib', and `/opt' are common choices.

The directories under the `texmf' root identify the major components of a TeX system, called top-level directories.

The top-level directories specified by the TDS are:

TeX macro files shall be stored in separate directories, segregated by TeX format and package name (`format' means a usefully `\dump'-able package):


Font files shall be stored in separate directories, segregated by file type, font supplier, and typeface:


Following TDS, the installation of HLaTeX results:

texmf/tex/latex/hlatex macro files for LaTeX

texmf/omega/latex/hlatex macro files for lambda

texmf/fonts/format/supplier/shape font files

2. Installation of HLaTeX macro files

All macro files and configuration files are in HLaTeX-0.99.tar.gz. If you want to get this from CTAN, e.g., follow this procedure.
  1. ftp
  2. [LOGIN] ftp

  3. [PASSWD] ftp
  4. cd pub/tex/language/korean
  5. bin
  6. get HLaTeX.tar.gz HLaTeX-0.99.tar.gz
  7. quit
For the installation of macro files, this tar'ed and gzip'ed file should at first be unpacked in an empty directory, e.g. /usr/src. (For the source file from CTAN, you don't need to make an empty directory. If you unpack it in the directory /usr/src, a subdirectory HLaTeX will be created.)
  1. mkdir /usr/src/HLaTeX-0.99
  2. cd /usr/src/HLaTeX-0.99
  3. gunzip -c HLaTeX-0.99.tar.gz | tar xvf -
In this directory, files should be put in the directory: