>Core & XML modules

Core & XML modules

Table of Contents
Basic Types and Enumerations — Description of basic types, classes and enumeration for "Core" modules.
GdomeDOMImplementation — Interface DOMImplementation implementation.
GdomeDocumentFragment — Interface DocumentFragment implementation.
GdomeDocument — Interface Document implementation.
GdomeNode — Interface Node implementation.
GdomeNodeList — Interface NodeList implementation.
GdomeNamedNodeMap — Interface NamedNodeMap implementation.
GdomeCharacterData — Interface CharacterData implementation.
GdomeAttr — Interface Attr implementation.
GdomeElement — Interface Element implementation.
GdomeText — Interface Text implementation
GdomeComment — Interface Comment implementation
GdomeCDATASection — Interface CDATASection implementation.
GdomeDocumentType — Interface DocumentType implementation.
GdomeNotation — Interface Notation implementation.
GdomeEntity — Interface Entity implementation.
GdomeEntityReference — Interface EntityReference implementation.
GdomeProcessingInstruction — Interface ProcessingInstruction implementation.