class Fl_FancyEditor

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This is an extension to the basic editor widget that includes interactive find and replace, optional status panel, etc. For information on the basic editor functionality, see Fl_Editor.


Fl_FancyEditor::Fl_FancyEditor(int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label = 0)

Creates a new Fl_FancyEditor widget using the given position, size, and label string. The default boxtype is FL_DOWN_BOX. The widget will be created to fit within the given dimensions (the "editable area" will be sized down slightly to make room for the scrollbar and status panel).

virtual Fl_FancyEditor::~Fl_FancyEditor()

Destroys the widget and any value associated with it.

bool Fl_FancyEditor::Find()

Displays a "find" dialog where the user can enter a string to search for and begin searching. Returns true if a search was initiated and the text was found, otherwise returns false. When Find() succeeeds, the found text is selected and the cursor is positioned at the start of the found text.

bool Fl_FancyEditor::FindNext()

Searches for the last string searched for, using the same options for case sensitivity, etc., beginning at the current cursor position.

void Fl_Editor::handle()

This is really the same event handler as in the base Fl_Editor, this just passes keyboard status events and position changes to the status panel.

void Fl_FancyEditor::Replace()

Displays a "search and replace" dialog where the user can enter a string to search for and replace with another string. Various options can be set for case sensitivity, etc., and the user can optionally be asked to confirm each replacement.

void Fl_FancyEditor::ShowPanel(bool showit)

Turn the status panel on or off.