Ant API)


Interface Summary
ChainableReader Interface indicating that a reader may be chained to another one.

Class Summary
BaseFilterReader Base class for core filter readers.
BaseParamFilterReader Parameterized base class for core filter readers.
ClassConstants Assembles the constants declared in a Java class in key1=value1(line separator)key2=value2 format.
ExpandProperties Expands Ant properties, if any, in the data.
HeadFilter Reads the first n lines of a stream.
LineContains Filter which includes only those lines that contain all the user-specified strings.
LineContains.Contains Holds a contains element
LineContainsRegExp Filter which includes only those lines that contain the user-specified regular expression matching strings.
PrefixLines Attaches a prefix to every line.
ReplaceTokens Replaces tokens in the original input with user-supplied values.
ReplaceTokens.Token Holds a token
StringInputStream Wraps a String as an InputStream.
StripJavaComments This is a Java comment and string stripper reader that filters those lexical tokens out for purposes of simple Java parsing.
StripLineBreaks Filter to flatten the stream to a single line.
StripLineComments This filter strips line comments.
StripLineComments.Comment The class that holds a comment representation.
TabsToSpaces Converts tabs to spaces.
TailFilter Reads the last n lines of a stream.

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