How Is This Book Organized?

This book is divided in five parts. Part I gives an overview of the


architecture and design of Lire.

You will find in Part II information on extending Lire. In this part, you will learn how to add a new DLF format to Lire, write log file converters and add reports for a superservice.

Part III is a reference section which gives comprehensive details about the various XML formats used by Lire and gives in-depth descriptions of its various APIs.

Part IV is targeted at developers who want to participate in Lire's development. It contains information about CVS access, coding conventions, tools needed to build from CVS, release management and other aspects important to those part of the Lire development team. Furthermore, it gives some information on how to contribute code to Lire, as an external party.

Finally, Part V contains various implementation details that may be interesting to people wanting to learn more about Lire internals.