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Schemas for the dns Superservice

DLF Schema for DNS service

Schema ID: dns

Timestamp Field: time

Each records in the DNS DLF schema represents a query that was made to the DNS server, zone transfers or other types of administrative information isn't represented in the schema.

Fields in the Schema


Type: timestamp

Defaults: 0

The time at which the query was processed by the server.


Type: hostname

Defaults: -

The host that made the request.


Type: hostname

Defaults: -

The content of the DNS request. DNS queries are usually about an hostname.


Type: string

Defaults: -

The record type that was requested. Common DNS record types are PTR, A, CNAME, etc.


Type: string

Defaults: -

This field contains recurs if the requests was recursive, that is probably made by a client for which we are configured as primary DNS server. Otherwise this field contains norecurs to denotes that the request wasn't recursive. Non-recursive requests are usually made by a DNS server which is processing a recursive request from one client.