XDL_VIEW (CCP4: Library)


xdl_view -XDL_VIEW version 4.3 X-windows based tootkit




XDL_VIEW is a set of 'view-object' routines, developed originally for use by the SERC Daresbury Laboratory Protein Crystallography project team for the development of the Laue software and for potential use with a much wider range of applications. These routines are designed to be used by applications to provide a user interface within an X-windows environment.

XDL_VIEW is used by the CCP4 programs X-windows programs (HKLVIEW,IPDISP, XDLDATAMAN, XDLMAPMAN, XLOGGRAPH and XPLOT84DRIVER) as well as MOSFLM and ROTGEN.

Full documentation for the XDL_VIEW routines can be found in the xdl_view 4.0 manual


John W. Campbell and Dave Love < d.love@dl.ac.uk >
CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory