MAMA2CCP4 (CCP4: Supported Program)


mama2ccp4 - Convert between `mama' and Cambridge/CCP4 map formats.


mama2ccp4 maskin foo.mask maskout bar.mask [ spgrp space_group_name ]


MAMA2CCP4 converts masks between the formats of Alwyn Jones' MAMA program and CCP4 "mode 0" mask format, suitable for use in programs such as MAPMASK, NCSMASK, MAPROT and DM. The input file format is detected automatically.

If the input file is a MAMA mask, then it must be in one of the following mama formats: old with no identifier, new identified in the first line by "NEW_MASK", compressed identified in the first line by "COMPRESSED_MASK" or very new identified in the first line by ".MASK_INPUT". If the input file is a CCP4 mask, then a MAMA mask will be output in compressed format.


If spgrp is given, then an output CCP4 mask will have that spacegroup, otherwise P1. This has no effect when converting from CCP4 format.


From `mama' to CCP4

mama2ccp4 maskin chmi.o maskout chmi.msk spgrp P41212

From CCP4 to `mama'

mama2ccp4 maskin chmi.msk maskout chmi.o


mapmask, ncsmask, maprot, dm