MailLogger (Apache Ant API)
Class MailLogger




All Implemented Interfaces:
BuildListener, BuildLogger, java.util.EventListener

public class MailLogger
extends DefaultLogger

Buffers log messages from DefaultLogger, and sends an e-mail with the results. The following Project properties are used to send the mail.

  • MailLogger.mailhost [default: localhost] - Mail server to use
  • MailLogger.from [required] - Mail "from" address
  • MailLogger.failure.notify [default: true] - Send build failure e-mails?
  • MailLogger.success.notify [default: true] - Send build success e-mails?
  • [required if failure mail to be sent] - Address to send failure messages to
  • [required if success mail to be sent] - Address to send success messages to
  • MailLogger.failure.subject [default: "Build Failure"] - Subject of failed build
  • MailLogger.success.subject [default: "Build Success"] - Subject of successful build
These properties are set using standard Ant property setting mechanisms (<property>, command-line -D, etc). Ant properties can be overridden by specifying the filename of a properties file in the property . Any properties defined in that file will override Ant properties.

Erik Hatcher

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void buildFinished(BuildEvent event)
          Sends an e-mail with the log results.
protected  void log(java.lang.String message)
          Receives and buffers log messages.
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Constructor Detail


public MailLogger()
Method Detail


public void buildFinished(BuildEvent event)
Sends an e-mail with the log results.

Specified by:
buildFinished in interface BuildListener
buildFinished in class DefaultLogger
event - the build finished event


protected void log(java.lang.String message)
Receives and buffers log messages.

log in class DefaultLogger
message - the message being logger

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