AnsiColorLogger (Apache Ant API)
Class AnsiColorLogger




All Implemented Interfaces:
BuildListener, BuildLogger, java.util.EventListener

public final class AnsiColorLogger
extends DefaultLogger

Uses ANSI Color Code Sequences to colorize messages sent to the console. If used with the -logfile option, the output file will contain all the necessary escape codes to display the text in colorized mode when displayed in the console using applications like cat, more, etc. This is designed to work on terminals that support ANSI color codes. It works on XTerm, ETerm, Mindterm, etc. It also works on Win9x (with ANSI.SYS loaded.) NOTE: It doesn't work on WinNT's COMMAND.COM even with ANSI.SYS loaded. The default colors used for differentiating the message levels can be changed by editing the /org/apache/tools/ant/listener/ file. This file contains 5 key/value pairs: AnsiColorLogger.ERROR_COLOR=2;31 AnsiColorLogger.WARNING_COLOR=2;35 AnsiColorLogger.INFO_COLOR=2;36 AnsiColorLogger.VERBOSE_COLOR=2;32 AnsiColorLogger.DEBUG_COLOR=2;34 Another option is to pass a system variable named ant.logger.defaults, with value set to the path of the file that contains user defined Ansi Color Codes, to the java command using -D option. To change these colors use the following chart: ANSI COLOR LOGGER CONFIGURATION Format for AnsiColorLogger.*= Attribute;Foreground;Background Attribute is one of the following: 0 -> Reset All Attributes (return to normal mode) 1 -> Bright (Usually turns on BOLD) 2 -> Dim 3 -> Underline 5 -> link 7 -> Reverse 8 -> Hidden Foreground is one of the following: 30 -> Black 31 -> Red 32 -> Green 33 -> Yellow 34 -> Blue 35 -> Magenta 36 -> Cyan 37 -> White Background is one of the following: 40 -> Black 41 -> Red 42 -> Green 43 -> Yellow 44 -> Blue 45 -> Magenta 46 -> Cyan 47 -> White

Magesh Umasankar

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protected  void printMessage(java.lang.String message, stream, int priority)
          Prints a message to a PrintStream.
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buildFinished, buildStarted, formatTime, log, messageLogged, setEmacsMode, setErrorPrintStream, setMessageOutputLevel, setOutputPrintStream, targetFinished, targetStarted, taskFinished, taskStarted
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Constructor Detail


public AnsiColorLogger()
Method Detail


protected final void printMessage(java.lang.String message,
                                  int priority)
Description copied from class: DefaultLogger
Prints a message to a PrintStream.

printMessage in class DefaultLogger
message - The message to print. Should not be null.
stream - A PrintStream to print the message to. Must not be null.
priority - The priority of the message. (Ignored in this implementation.)
See Also:
DefaultLogger.printMessage(java.lang.String,, int)

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