#include <slp.h>

SLPError SLPUnescape( const char* escaped,
                      char** unescaped,
                      SLPBoolean istag )


Process the input string to unescapes any SLP reserved characters.  If the istag parameter is SLP_TRUE then SLPUnEscape() will look for bad tag characters.


escaped Pointer to the string to be un-escaped
unescaped Pointer to a pointer for the dynamically allocated output string. The memory should be freed by a call to SLPFree() when no longer needed.
istag When SLP_TRUE_ the input buffer is checked for bad characters


SLP_OK Indicates that the no error occurred during the operation.
SLP_PARSE_ERROR The API returns this error only when no information was retrieved, and at least one SA or DA indicated a protocol error. The data supplied through the API may be malformed or a may have been damaged in transit.
SLP_MEMORY_ALLOC_FAILED  Out of memory error
SLP_PARAMETER_BAD If a parameter passed into a function is bad, this error is returned.


OpenSLP 0.6.8 Fully implemented as specified by RFC 2614.

See Also

SLPEscape(), SLPFree()