#include <slp.h>

SLPError SLPParseSrvURL( const char* srvurl,
                         SLPSrvURL** parsedurl )


Parses a Service URL passed in as a character string and returns the results in a pointer to a dynamically allocated SLPSrvURL structure.  The pointer returned in parsedurl should be freed by SLPFree().


srvurl Pointer to a character buffer containing the null terminated URL string to parse.  See Syntax for more information on Service URL syntax.
parsedurl Pointer to a pointer for the SLPSrvURL structure that receives the parsed URL.  The memory should be freed by a call to SLPFree() when no longer needed.


SLP_OK Indicates that the no error occurred during the operation.
SLP_PARSE_ERROR The service url being parsed is not of valid syntax
SLP_MEMORY_ALLOC_FAILED  Out of memory error
SLP_PARAMETER_BAD If a parameter passed into a function is bad, this error is returned.
SLP_INTERNAL_SYSTEM_ERROR A basic failure of the API causes this error to be returned. This occurs when a system call or library fails. The operation could not recover.


OpenSLP 0.6.0 Fully implemented as specified by RFC 2614.

See Also

SLPFree(), SLPTypes, Syntax