#include <slp.h>

SLPError SLPDelAttrs( SLPHandle hslp,
                      const char* srvurl,
                      const char* attrs,
                      SLPRegReport callback,
                      void* cookie )


Deletes specified attributes from a registered service.   OpenSLP will not implement this function in the 1.0 development cycle because of a lack of interest and the existance of an obvious work-around replacement.    Instead of calling SLPDelAttrs() developers writing to OpenSLP should use simply SLPDeReg() to de-register the entire service then call SLPReg() to re-register the service with out the undesired attributes.


hslp The language specific SLPHandle to use for deleting attributes.
srvurl The SLP Service URL of the registered service to delete attributes from.  May not be the empty string.  May not be NULL.  Must conform to SLP Service URL syntax or SLP_INVALID_REGISTRATION will be returned.  See Syntax for more information on SLP Service URL syntax.
attrs A comma separated list of attribute ids to be deleted from the registration.  May not be the empty string.  May not be NULL.
callback The address of an SLPRegReport function that will be called to report the operation completion status.  May not be NULL. See Callbacks for more information on how callbacks are used by the SLPAPI.
cookie Pointer to memory that gets passed to the callback code.  May be NULL.




OpenSLP 1.0  Will not be implemented in the OpenSLP 1.0 development cycle.  Always returns SLP_NOT_IMPLEMENTED

See Also

SLPReg(), SLPDeReg(), Syntax, Callbacks