Pmw.MegaWidget() - base class for megawidgets within a frame




This class creates a megawidget contained within a Tkinter.Frame window. The class acts as the base class for megawidgets that are not contained in their own toplevel window, such as Pmw.ButtonBox and Pmw.ComboBox. It creates a Tkinter.Frame component, named hull, to act as the container of the megawidget. The window class name for the hull widget is set to the most-specific class name for the megawidget. Derived classes specialise this class by creating other widget components as children of the hull widget.


Components created by this megawidget and its base classes are described below.

This acts as the body for the entire megawidget. Other components are created as children of the hull to further specialise this class. By default, this component is a Tkinter.Frame.


This megawidget has no methods of its own. For a description of its inherited methods, see the manual for its base class Pmw.MegaArchetype. In addition, methods from the Tkinter.Frame class are forwarded by this megawidget to the hull component.

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