task uses the SAX2 parser implementation provided by JAXP by default (probably the one that is used by Ant itself), but one can specify any SAX1/2 parser if needed.

This task supports the use of nested <dtd> elements which are used to resolve DTDs and entities.


Attribute Description Required
file the file(s) you want to check. (optionally can use an embedded fileset) No
lenient (ignored if the specified parser is as SAX1 parser) No
classname the parser to use. No
classpathref where to find the parser class. Optionally can use an embedded classpath element. No
failonerror fails on a error if set to true (defaults to true). No
warn log parser warn events. No

Nested Elements


<dtd> is used to specify different locations for DTD resolution.
Attribute Description Required
publicId Public ID of the DTD to resolve Yes
location Location of the DTD to use, which can be a file, a resource, or a URL Yes
element is used to perform Entity resolution.




  <fileset dir="src" includes="style/*.xsl"/>  


  <dtd publicId="-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 1.0//EN"



         publicId="-//ArielPartners//DTD XML Article V1.0//EN"


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