This executes the apache Stylebook documentation generator. Unlike the commandline version of this tool, all three arguments are required to run stylebook.

Note: This task depends on external libraries not included in the Ant distribution. See Library Dependencies for more information.

Being extended from <Java>, all the parent's attributes and options are available. Do not set any apart from the classpath as they are not guaranteed to be there in future.


Attribute Description Required
book the book xml file that the documentation generation starts from Yes
skindirectory the directory that contains the stylebook skin Yes
targetdirectory the destination directory where the documentation is generated Yes

The user can also specify the nested <classpath> element which defines classpath in which the task is executed.


<stylebook targetdirectory="build/docs" 



The above will generate documentation in build/docs starting from the book src/xdocs/book.xml and using the skin located in directory src/skins/myskin.

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