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This task creates a splash screen. The splash screen is displayed for the duration of the build and includes a handy progress bar as well. Use in conjunction with the sound task to provide interest whilst waiting for your builds to complete...


Attribute Description Required Default
imageurl A URL pointing to an image to display. No antlogo.gif from the classpath
showduration Initial period to pause the build to show the splash in milliseconds. No 5000 ms

Deprecated properties

The following properties can be used to configure the proxy settings to retrieve an image from behind a firewall. However, the settings apply not just to this task, but to all following tasks. Therefore they are now mostly deprecated in preference to the <setproxy> task, that makes it clear to readers of the build exactly what is going on. We say mostly as this task's support includes proxy authentication, so you may still need to use its proxy attributes.
useproxy Use a proxy to access imgurl. Note: Only tested on JDK 1.2.2 and above No None
proxy IP or hostname of the proxy server No None
port Proxy portnumber No None
user User to authenticate to the proxy as. No None
password Proxy password No None



Splash images/ant_logo_large.gif from the classpath.

<splash imageurl=""



Splashes the jakarta logo, for an initial period of 5 seconds.

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