Converts files from native encodings to ASCII with escaped Unicode. A common usage is to convert source files maintained in a native operating system encoding, to ASCII prior to compilation.

Files in the directory src are converted from a native encoding to ASCII. By default, all files in the directory are converted. However, conversion may be limited to selected files using includes and excludes attributes. For more information on file matching patterns, see the section on directory based tasks. If no encoding is specified, the default encoding for the JVM is used. If ext is specified, then output files are renamed to use it as a new extension. More sophisticated file name translations can be achieved using a nested <mapper> element. By default an identity mapper will be used. If dest and src point to the same directory, the ext attribute or a nested <mapper> is required.

This task forms an implicit File Set, and supports all attributes of <fileset> (dir becomes src) as well as nested <include>, <exclude>, and <patternset> elements.

Attribute Description Required
reverse Reverse the sense of the conversion, i.e. convert from ASCII to native No
encoding The native encoding the files are in (default is the default encoding for the JVM) No
src The directory to find files in (default is basedir) No
dest The directory to output file to Yes
ext File extension to use in renaming output files No
defaultexcludes indicates whether default excludes should be used or not ("yes"/"no"). Default excludes are used when omitted. No
includes comma- or space-separated list of patterns of files that must be included. All files are included when omitted. No
includesfile the name of a file. Each line of this file is taken to be an include pattern No
excludes comma- or space-separated list of patterns of files that must be excluded. No files (except default excludes) are excluded when omitted. No
excludesfile the name of a file. Each line of this file is taken to be an exclude pattern No


<native2ascii encoding="EUCJIS" src="srcdir" dest="srcdir"

   includes="**/*.eucjis" ext=".java"/>


Converts all files in the directory srcdir ending in .eucjis from the EUCJIS encoding to ASCII and renames them to end in .java.

<native2ascii encoding="EUCJIS" src="native/japanese" dest="src"


Converts all the files ending in .java in the directory native/japanese to ASCII, placing the results in the directory src. The names of the files remain the same.

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