by Benoit Moussaud (


The BorlandGenerateClient is a task dedicated to Borland Application Server v 4.5. It offers to generate the client jar file corresponding to an ejb jar file.


Attribute Description Required
ejbjar ejb jar file yes
debug If true, turn on the debug mode for each borland tools (java2iiop, iastool ...) default = false no
clientjar client jar file name. If missing the client jar file name is build using the ejbjar file name: ejbjar = hellobean-ejb.jar => hellobean-ejbclient.jar no
mode choose the command launching mode. Two values: java or fork. default = fork. java is not supported for version=5.Possibility to specify a classpath. no
version set the Borland Application Version.
  • 4 means B.A.S (Borland Application Server 4.x)
  • 5 means B.E.S (Borland Application Server 5.x)
No, defaults to 4


into the ejbjar task using the java mode.

<blgenclient ejbjar="lib/secutest-ejb.jar" clientjar="lib/client.jar" debug="true" mode="fork"> version="5">


        <pathelement locacation="mymodule.jar"/>




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