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Parent: Object


[], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [],

 [R]  :formatter
 [R]  :level
 [R]  :name
Public Class methods
[](name) src

Retrieve an outputter.

stdout() src
stderr() src
[]=(name, outputter) src

Set an outputter.

each() {|name, outputter}| ...} src

Yields each outputter's name and reference.

each_outputter() {|outputter}| ...} src
new(_name, hash={}) src

An Outputter needs a name. RootLogger will be loaded if not already done. The hash arguments are as follows:

Logger level. Optional, defaults to root level
A Formatter. Defaults to DefaultFormatter
Public Instance methods
level=(_level) src

dynamically change the level

only_at(*levels) src

Set the levels to log. All others will be ignored

formatter=(_formatter) src

Dynamically change the formatter. You can just specify a Class object and the formatter will invoke new or instance on it as appropriate.

flush() src

Call flush to force an outputter to write out any buffered log events.