In: log4r/formatter/formatter.rb
Parent: SimpleFormatter

BasicFormatter produces output like this:

  WARN loggername: I dropped my Wookie!

Or like this if trace is on:

  WARN loggername(file.rb at 12): Hot potato!

Also, it will pretty-print any Exception it gets and inspect everything else.

Hash arguments include:

depth:How many lines of the stacktrace to display.

format, format, format,
Public Class methods
new(hash={}) src
Public Instance methods
format(event) src
format_object(obj) src

Formats data according to its class:

String:Prints it out as normal.
Exception:Produces output similar to command-line exceptions.
Object:Prints the type of object, then the output of inspect. An example -- Array: [1, 2, 3]